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The next episode in Minecraft Music

It’s been a while since Minecraft received a music update. So after 3 years of working on it, I’m happy to release “Minecraft – Volume Beta” to the public!

You can check it out right now under Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play!

Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed working on it.




Hi! I'm C418
I love meaningful music. And I want to create as much of it as possible.

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You probably know me from Minecraft

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Minecraft has a very unusual and contrasting soundtrack that wants you to think about your environment as you play. I created it to make people realize that Minecraft’s block-ish world, which at first glance might seem ugly and pixelated, might actually be full of beauty and life. Instead of going with the convention and making a standard chiptune-like soundscape, I wanted to give the player something realistic and emotional. And reading fan mails makes me believe that I actually am on the right track.


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Making music always comes with a price. And without your support, I would probably never have gotten to the point that I am right now in my life. I create music for a living, and put as much quality and care into it as I can. All thanks to you.

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